Tips & tricks to use Free Ringtone Maker.

How Does Free Ringtone Maker Work in Detail?


First of all, a good question - Why Should I Use a Ringtone?

There are a few reasons here:

a. Identify the Caller without Looking at the Display
Consider that when you are working with both of your hands tied up and so pulling the phone from your pocket may not be an option at that time. With customized ringtones, you will know who's calling.

b. Set Your Phone Apart from Others
When you are in a crowd of people and a cell phone goes off, if you have the same ringtone as everyone else, it will be very confusing as to whose phone is ringing.

c. Express Your Personality
Let's face it - ringtones are fun because they make your phone into something that says, "This is me!” They give you your identity and when you get tired of a ringtone, you can always change it to something else.

So why don't you give up those original lame ringtones and get something cool? Free Ringtone Maker Platinum is a free ringtone creator program that provides easiest ringtone making for free!

Unbelievable Simplicity & Usability

1. Make Ringtones of Full Length Music or a Short Piece of Song

Guess you have downloaded some music from internet or purchased CDs from music store. Don't waste them and pick up your favorite songs to create ringtones. Out ringtone maker helps you edit and cut any music to proper length to fit your cell phone. From a 2GB hours-long sound file to a short clip of several seconds, any length can be created - that's perfect for those mobile phones which have strict length limit for ringtone. That's the purpose of our Free Ringtone Maker Platinum: making ringtones of any length from mostly all music.

2. Our Ringtone Maker Makes You A PRO "Ringtone Maker"

Sometimes creating a beloved ringtone could be really a pain: file size, duration, audio format, bit rate... There are so many stuff to consider. They scare you? Our ringtone creator is the one-for-all solution that put everything you need at your fingertips. Just start your computer, download and install Free Ringtone Maker Platinum & launch it (default directory - C:\Program Files\Free Ringtone Maker Platinum\FreeRingtoneMakerPlatinum.exe). The program window is straightforward and you just need to input the music, edit & trim the part you want and finally, output! You can't imagine how fast the 3-step operation is!

3. The Maker Provides Precise Selection

After you import a music file, the sound waveform is displayed in the window. You should decide which part to use for your ringtone. Maybe an exact part of the song just pops into your mind. So, you should select the part precisely in order to remove those unwanted parts. Now you need a selection tool. More than other tools, our program provides 5 ways to select a part:

The selection is accurate to millisecond, which makes some professionally precise editing possible.

4. Edit & Add Audio Effects to Make Your Ringtone Unique

What makes you stand out from the crowd? To make a difference. Having a unique ringtone is one way. With our ringtone creator helps edit the audio file with ease. You can Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete any part you want & add customizable audio effects like Fade in/Fade out/Echo/Amplify/Normalize to the music. You can preview the effect and play the music to make sure you get the best result. Create something specially customized that expresses your strong personality!

5. Just Simply Decide "Where" & "What" to Output

You can choose the output location but it also provides a button to open the output folder in case you don't remember. The tool provides 4 output formats: MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG. Do you have some special quality requirements that other tools cannot satisfy? Are you afraid of complicated parameter settings with countless confusing terms and numbers? Here's the way out: after you specify the output format, you can click the "Settings" button - a configuration window pops up with a presets slider bar. Just drag the slider to choose one as needed and if needed, the specification of the selected preset is displayed on the top. For users who have more specific requirements in quality, a "Configure" button is provided to specify detailed parameter settings.

That's how it works! No fee and no strings attached. As a safe and easy ringtone maker, it simplifies the complicated ringtone creation and makes it achievable for anyone.

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