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How to Mix Audio Files?


Mixing audio files means adding them together, that's all. Typically you do add them into a larger data type so that you can detect overflow and clamp the values before casting back into your destination buffer. NEVER mind the terms because, with our program, audio mixing is simple as pie. Download and install this Free Ringtone Maker Platinum and follow the step-by-step tutorial to mix audio files.

Mix Audio Files

1. Click "Load from file" to add the music you want to the maker. You are able to load one file one time only and the loading is successful when the waveform of file displays.

2. Now you can see the waveform of the music. Click "Mix" button to activate a browser window to find another audio file you want to mix with the loaded one.

3. Click "Open" and the "Paste Mix" window with mixing options pops up. You can adjust mix volume; if the mix audio is longer than your selection, you can choose to increase the selection or insert silence. You may undo/redo all your mixing.

(If you need some other editing instructions, check here to find something useful.)

4. Select the output location. Choose output format in the "Target Format" menu. By "Settings...", you are able to adjust the quality by the presets or specify the configuration parameters. Click "START" to start saving. When the saving is finished, just click "Find Target" to find the mixed audio.

Mix Audio Files

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