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How to Make Ringtones from Audio and Music?


So you bought a mobile phone. You love the phone and all its features, but wish you didn't have to pay for your songs twice to get a ringtone. There are plenty of songs in your music library, but no way to make ringtones from any of them. Or is there? Actually, with a little bit of trickery (nothing illegal), you can create ringtones from any one of your songs easily and for free. Download and install this Free Ringtone Maker Platinum and follow the step-by-step tutorial to make ringtones.

Create Ringtones

1. Click "Load from file" to add the music you want to the maker. You are able to load one file one time only and the loading is successful when the waveform of file displays. Now you can see the waveform of the music. Select any part you want to use as ringtone - if you need very accurate selection, try our selection tool of millisecond precision.

2. You may edit the selected part (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete...) & add audio effects (Fade in, Fade out, Echo, Amplify, Normalize...) to it. Unlimited undo/redo is for editing correction.

3. Select the output location. Choose output format in the "Target Format" menu. By "Settings...", you are able to adjust the quality by the presets or specify the configuration parameters.

4. Click "START" to start saving. When the saving is finished, just click "Find Target" to find your customized ringtone.

Make Ringtones

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