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Getting the exact part of a song that you want to use as a ringtone can be an annoying nuance that is difficult to overcome. But with Free Ringtone Maker Platinum, it could be not as hard as it seems. Our ringtone creator lets you create custom ringtones from all music you can get! Just pick the song you want and it will load a full-song preview so you can pick the exact part of the song you want for your ringtone. Basic editing and stunning audio effects help perfect you ringtone creation with ease. Why settle for the same-old song when you can get exactly what you want with Free Ringtone Maker Platinum? The instructions below actually describe 3 things: Input, Edit & Output - see? That's how your ringtone's done!

Make Ringtones

First, download, install and launch Free Ringtone Maker Platinum.

Secondly, import the audio file from which you want to make ringtone. If you want a song of your CD collection, just insert the CD disc to your drive and click "Load CD" to choose a track from the listed ones (CDDB is free to use to get info of the artist, track names, album title, etc. & to load an audio CD image in virtual drive is allowed); if you want an audio file in your PC, just hit "Load file" button to find and load it. Want to drag the music you want and drop it into the program? No problem.

After 1~2 seconds, the sound waveform displays. The program could be an audio player to play the music to find the part you want and select it by dragging your mouse cursor or entering the specific starting/ending time to the selection tool, which has millisecond precision. Now click "Trim" to remove the unselected part and keep the part you want. You can edit the waveform (Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo...) and add cool effects (Echo, Fade in, Fade out, Amplify, Normalize...). For every effect it provides parameter settings and presets.

Now, you should need to specify the output folder ("Browse...") and output format (WAV, MP3, WMA & OGG). It provides both parameter setting & configuration presets to adjust the quality.

The last tiny thing is to click "START" button. The ringtone will be saved to the specified output folder and of course, the original file will not be changed. Please be patient as the saving may takes you several seconds. Our ringtone maker does its best to simplify the operation and accelerate the progress, but the time taken depends on the size of the audio and your computer's ability (how fast your computer can process information).

Make Ringtones

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