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Details - Visually Edit and Add Audio Effects


Free Ringtone Maker Platinum helps you visually edit your music. You can visually select any part you want. You can zoom in to get a close-up view of your file or zoom out to see more of the waveform at a reduced size. Some artistic audio effects can be easily applied within 2 clicks. You can change the detailed parameters of the effects or use the presets for some popular settings.

Fact: Some other ringtone makers do not provide you a visual interface to cut sound, instead, they give you a small window with numbers. You just can't figure out what your music "looks" like. With our cutter, you can see the change made to the waveform. Maybe your ex-tools do not provide you adjustable effects either, but for audio enhancement & perfection, parameter setting is indispensable - try our presets.

Visually Edit and Add Audio Effects

The waveform displays in "2. Cut & Edit" section. If you want to simply complete an easy ringtone creation, just choose the part you want and click "Trim". Now the only part you can see in the window is the selected one - done! But if you want to apply some basic editing like cut, copy, past, etc., you need to use the buttons above the waveform. For audio effects applying, if you want to make a wake up ringtone, you may need Fade in/Fade out; Echo helps create some amazing acoustical enjoyment; use Amplify to increase or decrease the volume; Normalize is to adjust the sound amplitude to an optimal level; mixing the loaded file with another audio file is also allowed. The setting window of each effect provides some popular presets, but if required, you can also specify the parameters. You are allowed to prelisten the result before the effect is added.

Let me tell you something practical: if you have performed some wrong operations, the UNDO/REDO button is unlimited to use to correct them.

Editing and Effects

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